This is a three day introductory workshop to Tulamassage and the art of conscious touch.
The workshops are ideal for beginners, for couples and for practiced bodyworkers who would like to focus
on the sensorial, rhythmic and fluid aspects of their practice,
or to take their practice off the table and to the ground.

Tulamassage is a full-body oil massage that takes place on a futon.
It is a sensorial journey through the body that enables lasting release, both physically and emotionally,
and guides the body back towards a free streaming and fluid symmetry.

The Basics workshops develop your senses and vocabulary in the language of touch,
while giving you tools to approach and release tension in another's body with confidence and respect.
The practice focuses on rhythm, fluid continuity of movement, clarity of line,
the use of breathing, posture and body weight rather than muscular strength,
and finding the optimum effective balance between strength and tenderness - action and receptivity.

During the workshop you will be shown how to follow the natural pathways, contours,
channels and stream lines between and around the bones, fascia and muscles.
You practice a series of individual massage elements relating to specific parts of the body
which then join together to form a continuous and natural pathway around the whole body
along which you travel in a continuous flow.
As you learn to clear and refresh these pathways,
you practice working in time with the rhythms and melodies of specific pieces of music.
This allows you to drop down out of our thoughts, into our body, heart and sensations.

Ultimately Tulamassage becomes a meditation through movement;
a choreographic structure around which you can be creative and follow your intuition,
dancing rhythms through an open heart into movement,
nourishing both yourself and the people you come into contact with.

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2 week Tulamassage Training Retreat