The Tula Practice weekends are two peaceful and relaxed days of guided meditative practice.

The Weekends serve as an introduction to the practice of Tulayoga and Tulamassage for beginners,

a support group for those studying

and a place for meeting and exchange for Practitioners.

Any experience in bodywork, yoga or meditation can be helpful but it is not essential.
The workshops are supportive and everyone is welcome.

During the weekend we practice together in pairs.
The mornings are guided meditations in slow connected and caring touch through floor based oil massage.
We then have a long lunch break and the afternoons are for Tulayoga practice.

These weekends give you an insight into the pleasure of giving and receiving Tula treatments
and an understanding of the feelings, effects and therapeutic benefits of this practice.
It also brings your strength and sensitivity together into a concentrated, harmonious and effective flow
and allows you to enter into a calm, caring and peaceful state of consciousness with others.

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March 4th - 5th

June 17th - 18th

October 14th - 15th