Meditation In Touch Tulayoga Practice


Having confidence in clear lines, pathways and patterns of movement,
is essential for effective bodywork
but it is through alignment and breathing,
through receptivity, subtlety and depth of presence,
that we create the possibility for healing.

There are words in the poem of a massage,
and the tones in which those words are spoken.
There are rhythms, and the melodies we create around them.

I have practiced floor based oil massage for over 20 years.
It is my meditation as well as my profession.
It takes me out of complexity and in to quality.
It is where I find peace.
This is my practice and what I enjoy sharing.


I offer private classes of Meditation In Touch to individuals, pairs and couples.
This allows the place in which we practice, and the way in which I teach, to be peaceful and personal.
It also gives us more freedom if we plan a longer education together
and allows my teaching to evolve in tune with your progress.

I can show you how to align your body, and sense the streaming of gravity.
I can share some movements and pathways with you.
I can help you slow down and find confidence in your heart and hands.
And we can practice bringing what you do and what you feel together
in to a state of consciousness where giving and receiving merge.

If you would like to try your hands,
we can meet for one guided meditation on one specific part of the body,
and if you feel that what I have to teach is what you want to learn,
we can also decide on a framework for going deeper.

I am at your service.


A guided meditation focused on one specific part of the body.
15 minutes for arrival and discussion.
2 hours of continuous practice for one person, or 1 hour of practice each per person in a couple.
15 minutes for coming back and bringing the class to an end.

2.5 hour class as an individual with a model     360€

      2.5 hour class in a pair or couple                  200€ each

From then on you can take single classes on specific areas,
or if you would like more structure and direction and to develop your practice to a deeper level,
we can arrange time for complete sets of pathways or an apprenticeship.


A set of seven classes of guided meditation in touch.
Each class focusing a specific area,
forming a complete pathway around the whole body.

I    -               Hips Back & Shoulders.       
II    -             Shoulders, Arms & Hands.       
III    -              Hips, Thighs and Calves.         
IV    -                      Calves & Feet.               
V    -                      Belly & Chest.              
VI    -              Chest, Shoulders & Neck.        
VII    -                    The Face & Head.              

7 classes as an individual with a model     2300€

      7 classes in a pair or couple                  1150€ each


21 classes of Meditation in Touch (3 complete pathways around the body).
50 additional practice treatments in your own time with written records.
Support and mentoring.

21 classes as an individual with a model     4950€

      21 classes in a pair or couple                  3400€ each

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